Better Team USA is a highly technical company with the ability to manage product development, prototyping, sampling and manufacturing. We believe in working as partners to achieve a common goal.


We have the capabilities to take a conceptual idea to a finished garment, all in house. Better Team USA is a garment production facility offering full service, from first pattern and sample to finished goods. We have the ability to develop, create and produce luxury, top quality technical outerwear from high performance down and synthetics to seam sealed and zero-seam styles. With a family history of Italian tailors dating back to the 1950's, Better Team USA offers an exceptional level of technical expertise and immaculate attention to detail. Our decades of manufacturing experience affords us a technical expertise like no other. 


Services Offered:

  • First Patterns

  • First Samples

  • Sourcing of fabrics and trim

  • Grading

  • Marking

  • Plotting

  • Material yield analysis

  • Measurement Specs development

  • Construction sequence and seam types

  • Bill Of Material development

  • Size sets

  • Fitting consultation


Production managers oversee any quality issue, production scheduling, weather delays, shipping or packaging problems, etc. Our service provides seamless delivery, where all of these problems are unseen and unfelt by our customers.


All processes and procedures are carried out at our 16,000 square foot, full manufacturing facility in Northern New Jersey. They include:

  • Domestic and International Sourcing of fabrics and trims

  • Customized packaging

  • Merchandizing team ready to work with your team

  • Planning and efficient production engineering for optimal cost

  • Inline quality inspectors

  • Final 2.5 AQL inspections

  • Packing and logistics coordination

A Family of Italian Tailors, since the 1950's.

Innovation in Garment Production

Better Team USA

95B Industrial East

Clifton, NJ 07012